Wednesday Mornings
7:16 a.m. to 8:31 a.m.
Rosy’s at the Beach Restaurant
17320 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA

Your business or profession may qualify. We welcome prospective members to join us for an introductory meeting.

At each meeting, members are chosen to actively participate in the following roles.

GREETER: Here’s your opportunity to speak personally to EVERY LeTip member.
Successful greeter will: greet every member and guest; direct them to the showboat; make sure guests are engaged

SHOWBOAT: Here’s your opportunity to WOW! your fellow LeTip members.
Successful showboat will: be planned in advance; be creative, bold, showy; engage the five senses; educate and inspire

SPEAKER: Here’s your opportunity to train your LeTip members to tip you.
Successful speaker will: write an introduction; remember that members are your sales force, not your customers; be specific by asking for what you want-new clients, types of companies, tips.